3 Simple Ways to Avoid Air Pollution While Driving

As if you could hate sitting in a traffic jam any more than you already do!

Well, air pollution from vehicles is a significant source of environmental toxins. WHO has placed outdoor air pollution among the top ten health risks faced worldwide. Linking traffic pollution with seven million premature deaths a year (yikes!).

I found this very interesting scientific journal article that discusses recent findings on the most significant source of air pollution while driving – sitting in traffic. As when you are sitting in traffic, the fumes emitted from exhaust are more densely concentrated around where you are.

The researchers made the following suggestions to minimise your exposure:

1. Where the weather allows, have windows up and fan off
2. While stationary, increase the distance between you and the car in front
3. If the fan must be on, have it set to recycle the air within the vehicle

I talk more about environmental toxins in this and this article, if you’d like to read more on this topic.